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PM Blair reverses the UK position on renewables

British Prime Minister Tony Blair and German Chancellor Angela Merkel met last week to discuss the big issues facing the international community. During a press conference held on February 13, 2007 with Angela Merkel in Berlin, Tony Blair reversed the UK’s previously non-supportive position on renewable energy.
The Prime Minister said, “And I also entirely agree with what [German Chancellor Angela Merkel] says about energy and that that is important both in respect of making sure the energy market works well, but also in the 30% emissions reduction target and the 20% target for renewable energy, which we support.”
In terms of European politics this was a big shift in the run up to the EU Council meeting of energy ministers since the UK was seen as a key blockage to lifting the EU’s share of renewable energy to 20% as of 2020. The proposed new EC directive mandating this increase in renewable energy has been opposed by several member states. In March political leaders are to meet in Brussels for a summit meeting focused on forging a common EU energy policy.
For more details please see the full transcript of the press conference at:
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