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Conergy Completes Construction of Korean PV System

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Conergy has successfully completed the construction of what is currently Asia’s largest photovoltaic plant. The 90 million Euro project, with a peak power output of 19.6 MW, is located in the South Korean city of SinAn, southwest of the capital Seoul. Commissioned by the Dongyang Engineering & Construction Corporation, Conergy set up the plant as a turnkey solution and brought it on grid six months ahead of schedule.

Dongyang has engaged the Hamburg-based solar energy company now with the expansion of the plant to a total of 24 MW – an add-on order valued alone at around EUR 20 million. Conergy intends to complete this on site yet by the end of the year.

Conergy’s CEO Dieter Ammer: “Just a few weeks ago we successfully sold the fourth largest photovoltaic plant in the world with “El Calaveron” in Spain. The quick completion of the photovoltaic plant in SinAn shows that despite our restructuring we can continue to book large operating successes – and the focus on our downstream core business was absolutely the right decision for our company.”

230 experts have been working around the clock since 12 May last year on the 600,000 m2 construction site in SinAn to erect this Korean lighthouse project. In the meantime, the 19.6 MW plant is completely on grid and producing 27,000 MWh yearly of clean electricity – enough energy for more than 6,000 households. At the same time SinAn is saving 20,000 tons of CO2 yearly.

Jihun Kim, CEO of Conergy Korea: “The construction of what is currently Asia’s largest photovoltaic plant is pioneering for the renewable energies industry in our country. With its completion we are ringing in a new era of Korean energy supply.”

The government in Seoul had created the prerequisites for this in 2002. Since then, Korea has been seen as one of the large growth markets for renewable energies in Asia. In 2007 alone, 134 solar energy systems were connected to the public power grid – compared to 2006 a growth of 163%. 

Source: www.solarbuzz.com
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