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2005 November, 10

China's Renewable Energy Potential

China could become world's biggest wind energy market by 2020 Beijing, China As the Beijing International Renewable Energy Conference (BIREC) kicks off this week, a new report released by the Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association (CR ... More... >>

2005 November, 10

Sen. Obama Proposes National Renewable Biodiesel Standard

Washington, DCSen. Barack Obama (D-IL) introduced legislation calling for a Renewable Diesel Standard that would require 2 billion gallons of diesel alternatives by the year 2015 to help lessen national dependence on foreign oil. "We must continu ... More... >>

2005 November, 10

One MW Thin Film Project for Germany

Having already closed a contract in mid-October for the construction of a solar photovoltaic (PV) plant using First Solar's thin-film modules, Germany's Phonix SonnenStrom received another large order last week -- this time from mainfrankenSolar 4 G ... More... >>

2005 November, 10

Solar-Powered Charging Systems to Help Hurricane Recovery Efforts

Golden, Colo. — The U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), working in partnership with the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC), is providing solar electric charging stations to help residents of Kiln, Miss., r ... More... >>

2005 November, 1

Solar Panels and Biodiesel Aid in Hurricane Recovery Efforts

Solar power systems provide a big benefit after natural disasters, such as hurricanes: They provide a source of power when the power grid is down, and they don't require any fuel. With that in mind, DOE's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) a ... More... >>

2005 August, 11

Wind, Natural Gas Hybrid Project Moves Ahead

Cumbria, The United Kingdom A UK-based company has formally submitted an application for environmental assessments of what could eventually be the world's first offshore gas / wind hybrid energy generation project. "Successful deployment of th ... More... >>

2005 August, 11

Solar Energy Tax Bills Passed for New York State

Albany, New York It has been a good week for solar energy. Right on the heels of being granted a 30 percent federal investment tax credit through the federal energy bill, solar also secured tax credits at the state level in New York. Governor Geo ... More... >>

2005 August, 11

Biodiesel Tax Incentive Extended to 2008

,b>Jefferson City, Missouri The National Biodiesel Board (NBB) and American Soybean Association (ASA) hailed Congress's passage of the Energy Bill as a crucial step forward in establishing biodiesel as a long-term component of the nation's energy ... More... >>

2005 August, 11

PowerFilm Solar Battery Charger

PowerFilm Solar launched a new product this week that's another variation on the foldable, thin-film-based solar battery charger. The charger weighs less than 4 extra batteries and folds to pocket size. There's only so much that can be said about s ... More... >>

2005 August, 11

... More... >>

2005 August, 11

Solar/Wind Hybrid Power System for Platforms

Renewable energy systems consistently pay for themselves in situations where they're substituted for new extensions of the power grid. This is apparent in off-grid homes or solar-powered bus stops (as have been presented in this product section). A ... More... >>

2005 August, 11

3TIER Environmental Forecast Group Now Forecasting for More

Company milestone underscores the value of wind energy forecasting Press Release from 3TIER Inc Seattle, Washington, USA Seattle-based 3TIER Environmental Forecast Group announced today that with the signing of several recent contracts the com ... More... >>

2005 August, 11

Beacon Power Announces Acceptance of Flywheel Demonstration

Representatives From Energy Commission and U.S. DOE Witness Performance Testing at Beacon Facility; System Approved for Shipment Later This Month Press Release from Beacon Power Corp WILMINGTON, MA, Aug 01, 2005 Beacon Power Corporation (NASD ... More... >>

2005 August, 11

Getting the Million Solar Roofs Bill Right

by David Hochschild Later this month the California Legislature will decide the fate of the Million Solar Roofs Initiative (SB1). Originally proposed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger last year and supported by legislators from both parties alon ... More... >>

2005 August, 11

Texas Law Gives a Boost to Renewable Energy

Austin, Texas Texas, one of the original models for successful state support for renewable energy, has taken yet another step to promote clean energy. This week, Gov. Rick Perry signed new legislation to boost the state's current renewable portfo ... More... >>

2005 August, 11

Sustainable Begins Commercial Production of Solar PV Inverter

Press Release from Sustainable Energy Technologies Calgary, Alberta, Canada Sustainable Energy Technologies Ltd (TSXV: STG) today announced that it has commenced commercial production of the SUNERGY 5 inverter for the solar photovoltaic (sola ... More... >>

2005 August, 11

Worldwatch Launches International Biofuels Project

Washington D.C. The Worldwatch Institute and the German Ministry for Consumer Protection, Food and Agriculture have launched a new project on the global potential and implications of large-scale use of biofuels for transportation. "With countr ... More... >>

2005 August, 11

UN Agency Launches Global Biofuels Initiative

Paris, France The United Nation's Conference on Trade Development (UNCTAD) launched the BioFuels Initiative in Paris this week June. The aim of the initiative is to help developing countries make the most of their renewable energy potential. It w ... More... >>

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