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2005 August, 11

Wind Energy Economic Myths and Facts

Wind Power An Increasingly Competitive Source of New Generation Increasingly, opponents of wind power resort to repeating common myths about the technology and its impacts. This article is the second in an occasional series from the American Wind ... More... >>

2005 July, 28

IEA Launches Web Site on Energy Efficiency Policies and Measures

The International Energy Agency (IEA) recently launched "Energy Efficiency: Policies and Measures," a Web site that provides a compilation of recent government actions to improve energy efficiency in member countries. This compilation can be searched ... More... >>

2005 July, 28

USDA Guarantees up to $200 Million in Clean Energy Loans

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced last week that it is now offering $11.4 million to guarantee loans to farmers, ranchers, and small rural businesses for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. The USDA estimates that the f ... More... >>

2005 July, 24

Solar Energy Professionals Sought for Listing on Findsolar.com

Pre-eminent Website for Consumer Sales Leads to Launch in September Press Release from American Solar Energy Society Boulder, Colorado "All professional solar energy installers should apply for a free listing immediately," said Brad Collin ... More... >>

2005 July, 24

What is Biodiesel's Energy Balance?

Independent third-party, peer-reviewed studies show biodiesel has the highest energy balance of ANY fuel. A prominent USDA/DOE study shows for every unit of fossil fuel used to make biodiesel, 3.2 units of energy are gained in energy output. That' ... More... >>

2005 July, 20

Quebec Doubles Wind Power Purchase to 2000 MW

,p> Quebec City, Canada The Quebec government says it will authorize Hydro-Quebec, the province's government-owned utility, to issue a request for proposals for 2000 MW of wind power, double what had previously been planned. "This is a major tech ... More... >>

2005 July, 20

World's Largest Solar Photovoltaic System Commissioned

Muehlhausen, Germany Bavaria Solarpark, the world's largest solar electric system, was dedicated on June 30th in Muehlhausen, Germany. The project is fully constructed and operational with a total of 10 MW of power capacity and consists of three ... More... >>

2005 July, 20

Energy Innovations - Sunflower 250

Pasadena, California-based Energy Innovations secured $16.5 million in venture financing this week to help commercialize their rooftop PV solar concentrator systems they're calling the Sunflower. Each Sunflower module is composed of an array of mi ... More... >>

2005 July, 20

DayStar Technologies - LightFoil Solar Cells

LightFoil(TM) consists of high efficiency CIGS solar cells deposited on thin titanium foil. Less than the thickness of common household aluminum foil, LightFoil design allows for high power production from sunlight without excessive weight. The Com ... More... >>

2005 July, 20

Ex-Im Bank Offers New Terms for Renewable Energy

Washington DC Beyond their environmental benefits, renewable energy technologies are increasingly viewed as potent economic job engines. With this in mind, the Export-Import Bank of the United States is doing its part to help U.S. companies take a ... More... >>

2005 July, 20

Renewable Energy Fund Established for Asia

Bangkok, Thailand A new Euro 50 million sustainable energy investment fund is to be established in Bangkok. The Private Energy Market Fund 2 (PEMF2) aims to provide services and investment capital to enterprises and projects that generate renewabl ... More... >>

2005 July, 20

Groundbreaking for 30 MW Solar Facility in Germany

Thalheim, Germany Massachusetts-based Evergreen Solar celebrated a groundbreaking ceremony for their new 30 MW solar wafer, cell and module manufacturing plant in Thalheim, Germany. The plant is being constructed by EverQ, a recently formed stra ... More... >>

2005 July, 20

Academic Study Discredits Ethanol, Biodiesel

Ithaca, New York We regularly report on biofuels -- from industrial ethanol facilities to home-brewed biodiesel -- because they're a big slice of the renewable energy pie. A new study from Cornell University and University of California-Berkeley ... More... >>

2005 July, 15

Million Solar Roofs Bill Passes Key Committees

Washington DC The Million Solar Roofs bill, SB 1, cleared two important committees in California's State Assembly, marking what advocates called the "highest hurdle to date" in a three year battle to pass the nation's strongest solar power bill. ... More... >>

2005 June, 22

Biodiesel Mandate for Navy and Marine Facilities

Jefferson City, Missouri Beginning June 1, 2005 all U.S. Navy and Marine non-tactical diesel vehicles will be required to operate on a B20 (20 percent) biodiesel blend as part of the military's efforts to increase their use of domestic and clean ... More... >>

2005 June, 22

German Firm Expands Solar Production to 220 MW

Freiberg, Germany After securing a financing package of some 80 million Euro (US$ 103 million), Germany's SolarWorld AG will almost double their solar silicon PV manufacturing from 120 MW to 220 MW. With its world market share of 15 percent ... More... >>

2005 June, 22

Renewable Fuels Standard Introduced in the House

Washington D.C. Few issues on Capitol Hill are as easy for both sides of the aisle to support than a renewable fuel standard. Just in time for possible inclusion in comprehensive energy legislation, a bipartisan group of 22 representatives intro ... More... >>

2005 June, 22

Changes to USDA Grant Program Target Solar Energy

Washington D.C. Now into its third year, a new USDA grant program helps farmers, ranchers and rural small businesses make the commitment to install renewable energy and energy efficiency systems. But the deadline for this years applications is f ... More... >>

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