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2004 January, 23

European Commission proposes decisive action on Infrastructure and Security of Supply

The Commission proposed on 10 December a new legislative package to promote investment in the European energy sector to both strengthen competition and help prevent the reoccurrence of the blackouts that took place this summer. In particular, it ... More... >>

2004 January, 23

European Commission proposes new rules to ensure that all Member States save each year at least 1% more energy

Saving every year 1% more of the energy previously used in each Member State through increased energy efficiency will lead to around 6 % annual energy savings in the year 2012. This is the ambitious goal that the Commission has proposed on 10 Dece ... More... >>

2004 January, 23

European Parliament votes for compromise on combined heat and power

Parliament approved on 18 December a deal hammered out with the Council on a directive designed to promote the use of combined heat and power (CHP). At a second-reading vote on a report by Norbert GLANTE (PES, D), MEPs approved 20 compromise amend ... More... >>

2004 January, 23

Intelligent Energy - Europe, Information Day and Managenergy conferences now on Internet

The European Union has put forward challenging goals regarding the use of renewables, efficient use of energy and clean urban transport. Latest Community energy policies, Community energy programmes and other financing opportunities were discussed ... More... >>

2004 January, 23

Free movement of services: the Commission calls on Italy to amend its legislation on hydroelectric concessions

The Commission has decided on 8 January to send Italy a formal request to amend its procedures for granting concessions for the production of hydroelectric energy, which give preference to outgoing concession-holders and, in the Trentino-Alto Adi ... More... >>

2004 January, 23

Just released: Everything on transport statistics - DVD

This DVD is a repository of all public documents and data related to transport statistics in Europe and main partner countries. It contains about 20 million statistical data and more than 850 documents, mostly produced by Eurostat’s transport unit. ... More... >>

2004 January, 23

Third Annual European Energy and Transport Conference will take place in Luxembourg on 4-5 May

Following on from two very informative events in 2001 and 2002, the Directorate-General for Energy and Transport of the European Commission, will hold its third conference in Luxembourg, in the Hemicycle of the European Parliament and in the Euro ... More... >>

2004 January, 23

Commission awards 2003 Prizes to the best European projects in Renewable Energy

On the occasion of the European Conference for Renewable Energy, on 20 January were handed over in Berlin the 2003 EU Awards of the Renewable Energy Campaign for Take-Off. For the 4th consecutive year, the Commission rewarded the efforts made in ... More... >>

2003 December, 24

Russia will not ratify Kyoto protocol, says adviser

Russia will not ratify the Kyoto protocol to cut global emissions of greenhouse gases "in its present form", a Russian presidential adviser announced on Tuesday. "In its current form, the Kyoto protocol places significant limitations on the econom ... More... >>

2003 December, 24

Global warming 'will hurt Russia'

A failure by Russia to sign up to the Kyoto Protocol would risk unleashing dangerous climatic changes at home, two of the country's top climate scientists have warned. The caution came during a conference on global warming in Moscow that ends on Frid ... More... >>

2003 December, 24

IEA published report

International Energy Agency has conducted research on current state of development of renewable energy in Russia. This report contains reviews of RE resources, available technologies, modern developments and existing projects in Russia. This study ... More... >>

2003 December, 24

Greenhouse gas 'plan B' gaining support

19:00 10 December 03 Exclusive from New Scientist Print Edition. The Kyoto protocol is dying a death of a thousand cuts. Last week, the US reiterated that it wants nothing to do with the sole international agreement designed to save the wor ... More... >>

2003 July, 3

N. American solar, wind power will double in 10 years

Electricity generated from solar, wind and other non-traditional sources will probably double in the next 10 years, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing a report to be released today by Navigant Consulting Inc. The study, funded largely by U.S. a ... More... >>

2003 July, 3

Iceland wants to become world's first hydrogen-powered economy

Iceland could become the world's first economy free from the fossil fuels that add to global warming if it manages to produce enough hydrogen using renewable energy sources to run fuel cells, an official said here. "Iceland has the goal to have becom ... More... >>

2003 July, 3

Tidal energy turbine launches

The Ј3m turbine has been built into the seabed about a kilometre and a half (one mile) offshore from Lynmouth. The single 11 metre-long rotor blade will be capable of producing 300 kilowatts of electricity and will be a test-bed for further tidal tur ... More... >>

2003 July, 3

Canada may offer rebates for energy-saving homes

A Canadian government committee approved a plan to offer an average rebate of C$1,000 ($737) to residents who make their houses more energy-efficient, the Globe and Mail said, citing unidentified people familiar with the plan. The program to upgrade ... More... >>

2003 July, 3

Hydrogen is no gas, yet

Toyota in May recalled its fuel-cell hybrid vehicle in Japan when one of the cars sprung a leak from its hydrogen tank. Last week, researchers from the California Institute of Technology, in a Science magazine report, argued that large amounts of hyd ... More... >>

2003 May, 23

Power in a load of old rot

15.05.2003 By ELIZABETH BINNING Hamilton ratepayers will benefit from a new electricity scheme which transforms methane gas from rotting landfill rubbish into cheap power. The scheme, which is expected to be running by the end of the year, will pr ... More... >>

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